Dance of Life

according to Prof. Nadia Kevan

My Journey

The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.

Isadora Duncan

I have always loved England: the rugged coasts, the trees, flowers and the hills where I would often walk. My journey was to take me to Europe and my home is in the Netherlands and Germany. 

I left school at 16 and trained in classical and contemporary dance near London after which I moved to Germany and danced for several years with two state opera-ballet companies (1974-79). 

I  then opened my own school and small dance group in North Germany where I was able to develop my artistic identity. Increasing chronic back pain gradually prevented me working and when the medical experts could no longer help I searched for alternative movement techniques, including the mind as well as the body. 

After a long search I encountered the F. M. Alexander Technique in London and very soon I became aware of how I was causing my back pain by using too much effort and tension while I danced. Using what I learned from my teachers I became free of pain. I trained to become an Alexander teacher in Denmark (1984-87) and this led me to revolutionize my understanding of movement, dance and teaching. I developed a method  (“Bewegung und Bewusstsein”) and was invited to become Professor of Body Awareness and Movement Studies at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany (1993) which I still enjoy today.

Many projects over a period of 40 years ensued with artists from all disciplines: chamber music, composers, electronic music, visual art, architecture, drama, opera, performance and writing; projects with priests, philosophers, teachers and therapists. All of this work has widened my perception, given me an abundance of skills and has allowed my creativity to flow and be expressed. Many wonderful human beings have influenced my life and work.

For 25 years now I have been involved in training teachers of the Alexander Technique and between 2000 - 2010 I directed my own school. In 2010 my husband Ron Murdock (who is a voice and Alexander Technique teacher) and I founded and direct the Awareness Technique Centre Nijmegen, in the Netherlands–a study centre for holistic development. Wholeness and creativity are the underlying themes of our school.

At the heart of my life’s journey is my spiritual insight into the sacredness of my own life. It has been my guiding angel, providing me with insight into the sacredness of all nature, of every human being, of Life itself. Yet despite a stimulating, successful and dynamic career I still had many questions unanswered. My body often told me what my soul, deep down inside, already knew. This expressed itself through exhaustion, and feelings of separation and frustration. There was another step I was being asked to make in my Dance of Life.

After a road accident I was given the chance to receive the healing of mind and body through a Reiki experience. The profoundness and simplicity of this healing led to a change in my life once again at a fundamental level. I decided to learn the art of natural healing and after three years study was initiated as a Reiki Teacher and Master (2007-2010). The unending stream of universal life energy into my life had a powerfully transforming influence giving me an inner peace and a sense of the all pervading pulse of my Essence. This is the state from which I dance, teach, garden, cook, create, share, communicate and enjoy life. 

My love and gratitude goes out to all those who have given me their blessing and invaluable guidance on my journey. This is my Dance of Life.