Photo: Angelika Münchbach ed. Ron Murdock

Dance of Life

according to Prof. Nadia Kevan


Dance of Life


To enter the world my heart dreams of,

thought and action are not enough,

So I dance –

Dance takes me beyond words,

dancing I shower blessings on this life,

dancing I summon the Spirits to guide me


Dancing I let go of all right and wrong

Dancing I have no concern of being good or not good enough,

Dancing I am whole,

Dancing I let go of wanting, 

I surrender to the gods of dance,

then something dances me……


Dissolving boundaries between inner and outer worlds

time stands still,

space is limitless,

there is only now -

a perfect balance between gravity and levity,

a sense of eternity,

deep freedom,

a knowing.


Passion, my love for life flows through every vein of my body,

I am alive

I am one with all.


Out of those sharp-edged, split-off fragments of my being 

the abundant tapestry of  life emerges,

wounds begin to heal,

my body becomes the temple it was born to be,

a body of light.


Dancing I am close to Soul,

mine, yours, nature’s soul,

I let God into my world -

into the very centre of my being,

where there is stillness and dance.


This is a state of grace – 

a sense of being blessed,

an indescribably gift.


Heaven is on earth.

Nadia Kevan

We should realize in a vivid and revolutionary sense that we are not in our bodies but our bodies are in us.

 Ruth St Denis

Photo: D. Reith