Dance of Life

Dance of Life is the name I give to the ever flowing process of our lives, both as individuals and as part of the world family, engaging our heart, mind and body. Life's rhythms, forms and expressions are always changing as we create, celebrate and move on. Each aspect of our life is like a thread woven into the tapestry of our unique experience, and all is connected by the infinite power we call universal life energy or love.

Dance of Life is also the name I give to the teaching I offer to guide my pupils into discovering their own Dance of Life and become themselves a dancer-healer.

Essential to our journey I call our Dance of Life, is our feeling of being supported by the earth beneath us. This is where the dance begins. Then we continue to deepen our awareness gaining the feeling of our bones and spine as structures of internal support, our muscles as elastic scaffolding giving us warmth and freedom, our breathing as the unending rhythm of life and our entire body as a pulsating vessel of flowing energy.

Standing quietly, walking freely, breathing easily, jumping joyfully, inhabiting the space around us, we allow a childlike freedom to play, engaging our imagination we begin to dance.....these simple expressions invite body and soul to unite and become fully alive. 

As a dancer of life we begin to discover how infinitely more gifted we are than we ever imagined. We are beings of light, living in the miraculous temple of the human form. We learn to perceive life through our body, our skin, our ears, our eyes,  and go beyond the five physical senses to discover our inner, energetic or spiritual senses. Behind our habits and beliefs we encounter our spiritual reality, who we truly are.  Abundance, joy, gratitude, healing, peace and belonging are gifts of the Spirit. 

All of this  awakens our heart to the insight that life on earth is a both a prayer and a dance – powerful, challenging, beautiful, and full of grace.

“At the bottom of our garden.” photo: Nadia Kevan