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Dance of Life

according to Prof. Nadia Kevan


Dance of Life courses aim at helping you develop your sense of being grounded in yourself and open to the sacred energy of your Life, while building your confidence to express all of this with precision and joy  through gesture and dance.

Dance of Life  courses are open to everyone and anyone who wish to explore and learn body awareness, dancing, energy healing, and a spiritual practice.

You can participate in any of the regular Dance of Life courses whatever stage you have reached on your journey. 

The Dance of Life intensive training program is aimed at participants who bring a greater commitment to the process as dancer-healer while developing their skills to teach others. This programme is open to people who are familiar with the work.

After completing the two year program you can continue with advanced courses for supervision and further development. 

To become a teacher of Dance of Life you need to participate in the two year program. Before you apply for a place you are required to sign up for at least two regular courses (one with a dancer-healer who has trained with me and one with myself, or both with myself) and become familiar with the work and what it involves.

In some cases you might require further support after the two years programme before teaching others, and this support can be provided on the advanced courses. 

The courses are given either in English or in German, so please read below and make sure your needs are covered.

I am happy to answer your personal questions and give further information. Please write to me if you would like my advice or help.

For our Life

is but a song,


And the reason

for our singing


Is to praise you

for the music


Join the dance of

your creation.


from Laudato si, 

o mi Signore

 I started a new dance class in the small town where I lived, and people thought they would come and get thin, but found they were spiritually renewed.

Margaret Stevens

Regular Courses:

(also for those of you who are interested in the 

Two-Year Intensive Training Program)



If you want to participate in any of the courses please write me an email and express your intention.  I will then reply as soon as possible and give you all the information you need about payment, my conditions, and if required information about travel and reasonable and pleasant places to stay.


Courses are being planned in Nijmegen, Kiel, Marburg, Essen and England.


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